CMRC Lightning Policy


Upon the first sound of thunder or sighting of lightning, Department staff will direct all in attendance to immediately go to their cars or enter a building, if possible. No one will be allowed to return to the field until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder and/or sighting of lightning. Staff will have complete authority on any decisions made at our facilities. In the absence of Department staff, volunteer coaches and officials must follow the same procedure.

Attention ALL Rec Volunteers: Background Checks

Parent Coach

Becoming a volunteer with the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks is a three-step process: contact your local community office, apply and undergo a background check, and receive authorization. Learn more about the Volunteer Registration Program.

Parent CoachVolunteers must submit an application and be authorized every year. The process is free for volunteers.

The background check can be filled out online at the link below:

  • Select “A-C Communities”
  • Select “Carroll Manor”
  • Follow the instructions

Click HERE for more information on this process.

This procedure is for ALL volunteers in ALL recreation councils. Please review the guidelines, as you will not be able to take any role within the program without going through this check!

You will only be contacted if you do not pass the background check. Volunteers who pass the check WILL NOT be contacted.

Thank you for your cooperation.