Travel Soccer is a more significant commitment by players and families than In House Rec Soccer. The level of play is more competitive and there is more emphasis on winning games while still balancing the developmental needs of the entire roster. This balance is essential to assure the team remains competitive in future seasons when roster sizes increase from 7v7 to 9v9 and finally 11v11. While more playing time will be awarded to the more talented players, all players should expect enough playing time to showcase the skills they have worked hard to develop in practices.

The season is approximately 45 days longer and there are more practices per week. The financial commitments and requirements are also higher (see Team Fees described below). There is also a required level of travel in and around the Baltimore Metropolitan area on a weekly basis to games. Many teams will also participate in some out of town weekend tournaments (e.g. Gettysburg, PA, Hershey, PA, Southern NJ etc.). Many Travel teams hire trainers to provide a higher level of soccer specific coaching above and beyond what the parent coach can provide. The skills acquired by the players are typically better than what is taught in Rec Soccer.

2024 Tryout Information!

Phoenix Football Club (PFC) is a community-based travel soccer program that offers an affordable club soccer experience. We offer the ability to play soccer year-round, but we value the importance of youth athletes participating in other sports and encourage them to do so. Most of our team’s train with professional soccer trainers that are accompanied by volunteer parent-coaches.

Fall soccer teams are being formed for boys’ and girls’ age groups listed below. Note the tryout schedule for individual age groups according to birth year. Very talented players may try out for one older birth year but are also highly encouraged to try out for their own birth year, in case they are not chosen for the older age group’s top-level team (Black Team). Players may only play up a year if they make the Black team roster.

All players INCLUDING CURRENT PFC PLAYERS MUST REGISTER online to attend tryouts, no exceptionsRegistration for Tryouts is free!!!

Register HERE.

Players that have not registered and show up to tryouts will not be permitted to participate. No walk-up registration will be available.

ALL tryouts will be at St. James Academy – 3100 Monkton Rd, Monkton, MD 21111. You will receive a notification from Stone Alley the morning of tryouts with information on the field location for your tryout.

Please have your child wear a numbered pinnie (NOT a uniform shirt) if they have one. This can be from basketball, lacrosse, or soccer. If you do not have a numbered pinnie, your child will receive a bib number at the first Tryout session you attend to pin on the back of their shirt. Wear your assigned bib number to each tryout. All athletes are encouraged to attend both tryout sessions, but it is not required.

If your child is selected for a team, the fall soccer season CMRC registration fee is $135, plus the PFC Team fee. The PFC team fee is created by the coaches and ranges from $400-$700 per player. The fee varies based on the age and competitive level of the team.

Any questions please reach out to PFC Commissioner Heather Hourihan at


In order to try out for Travel Soccer, you must register in advance of tryouts, no exceptions.

  • Registration for tryouts is free.
  • If you are not pre-registered you will not be able to participate in the tryout.
  • Registering ahead of time limits a lot of issues e.g. miscommunication, missing tryouts, long lines at tryout check in, additional paperwork, roster mistakes, etc.

Registration will open April 1st and will close in early May. Register via CMRC Soccer registration for the appropriate Phoenix Football Club team. You must register 48 hours prior to the age group’s first scheduled tryout date to be on the tryout list. Tryout dates will be posted before registration opens annually.

If you are not offered a spot on a Travel Team:

  • You can register for the age appropriate CMRC “In House” Rec league.

If a Travel Team cannot be, or is not formed for any reason for your birth year:

  • You can register for the age appropriate CMRC “In House” Rec league, or
  • If a team is available, you may have the option to “play up” one birth year at the discretion of that team’s coach. There will need to be a roster spot available and the player will need to be deemed capable of competing on that team.

Additional fees beyond registration are required for Travel Soccer. Team Fees can range from ~$450 – ~$750 depending on the individual team. These fees include, but are not limited to: CMRC soccer registration fee, trainers, travel league fees, referees, tournament registrations, team equipment, etc. These fees must be paid in full and are equally shared by all team members. The team uniform is also an additional cost of ~$150 and is typically purchased every other year.

  • No club dues or fundraising
  • Significantly lower cost compared to “For Profit” Soccer Clubs