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Travel Softball

Carroll Manor Softball offers the following travel teams for 2020:

     10U Summer – DOB 2009 or younger

     12U Summer – DOB 2007 or younger

Registration will open in May 2019


What Is Travel Softball?

Travel softball is the next level of progression beyond recreation (rec) council softball.  The level of competition is higher than at the rec level, and teams will travel beyond their home fields for many games and tournaments.

What is the commitment?

In order for a team to be successful and make it worthwhile for all team members, coaches, and parents, players are expected to actively participate.  Players who are not able to routinely make practices and games are highly discouraged from participating in travel softball.

How much does it cost?

The cost for travel softball varies by team and is based upon a number of factors including how many tournaments or leagues in which a team plays as well as uniform costs and equipment needs.  $100-300 per player per season is a fair estimate.  The team coach is responsible for establishing the cost per player.

How often does the travel team meet?

Teams will generally meet once per week for practice during the regular rec softball season, then one to two times per week for practices/games, and weekends for tournaments during the travel season.  The team coach is responsible for setting the schedule.

How long is the travel season?

The season will last from approximately mid-June to the end of July.  For some teams, the coach may begin the season earlier and/or end the season later.

How much 'travel' is involved?

Travel is generally kept to within an hour drive with most games located in Baltimore, Harford, Howard, and Anne Arundel Counties.  Travel may extend to southern Pennsylvania, the Washington D.C. metro area, and the Eastern Shore depending upon the needs of the team.

Will all players make the team?

While we strive to include all interested players, it is not always possible.  Limits on team size and player ability among other factors may result in players not making the team.

How is playing time/position determined?

A player’s position is earned during tryouts, practices, and every time the player steps onto the field.  Players will be given an opportunity to demonstrate and develop skills throughout the season.  Just because your daughter played the “best” positions, e.g. P or SS, on her rec team does not mean that she will play those same positions on her travel team. Equal playing time is not a guarantee.  In travel softball, every position is important.  The team coach makes the final decision on player positions.

What about my family vacation?

The team coach will provide a practice/game/tournament schedule ahead of time, so you may schedule vacation time appropriately.

How is the travel program structured?

Carroll Manor Softball attempts to field travel teams from within the CMRC pool of players. However, it may be necessary to partner with another rec council in a joint travel program that will permits both softball programs to field a sufficient number of players for a full team. In a joint program, players and coaches on any given team may be a combination between Carroll Manor Softball and our rec council partner. All players must come from a rec level program.