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Rec (In-House) Softball

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Carroll Manor offers the following leagues for 2021:

5-6 Clinic (K-1st Grade – birth dates 9/1/2014-8/31/2016) will meet on Saturdays.  This is a non-competitive, clinic format.  Cost will be $75.

7-8 League (2nd-3rd Grade – birth dates 9/1/2012-8/31/2014) will meet two days per week on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.  This is a controlled, competitive format where coaches pitch.  Cost will be $90.

9-10 League (4th-5th Grade – birth dates 9/1/2010-8/31/2012) will meet two days per week on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.  This is a competitive format where players pitch.  Cost will be $100.

11-13 League (Middle School – birth dates 9/1/2007-8/31/2010) will meet two days per week on Monday and Friday evenings.  This is a competitive format where players pitch.  Cost will be $100.

14-18 League (High School – birth dates 9/1/2002-8/31/2007) will meet two days per week on Tuesday and Thursday.  This is a competitive format where players pitch.  Cost will be $100.

Pitching Clinic (3rd Grade and older) will meet once per week on a weekend for four consecutive weeks in March 2022.  Time and date TBD.  There will be no additional cost.


What time are practices and games?

Weekday game time is 6:00 p.m. Weekend game time is usually 10:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.  League 9-10 and above frequently schedule additional practice dates beyond the usual practice days. Your coach will coordinate any additional practice days.

How long is the season?

The season officially starts April 1 and ends in the middle of June around the same time Baltimore County Public Schools finish the school year.  Practices for League 9-10 and above may begin prior to April 1 at the discretion of the coach. Games begin in the middle of April.

Where are practices and games?

CMRC playing fields are located at Hydes Road Park, Jacksonville Elementary School, and Long Green Baptist Church. Most leagues participate in the Harford County Softball Co-op in which teams will play some games at away fields such as Fallston, Jarrettsville, and other locations primarily in Harford County.

What equipment do I need?

Players must supply their own glove.  Most other equipment is supplied by CMRC Softball, but a player choosing to supply her own equipment is acceptable.


CMRC Softball supplies each player with a uniform jersey and socks. Players must supply their own shorts or pants. Players in League 9-10 and above are required to wear black softball pants due to the need to slide.


It is highly recommended that players in League 7-8 and above wear softball/baseball cleats. All cleats must be plastic (metal cleats are prohibited).

Other Equipment

CMRC Softball supplies each team with balls, bats, helmets, and catcher’s gear. In League 9-10 and above, CMRC Softball supplies a safety mask for use by pitchers.  For players who supply their own equipment, please note that some equipment must meet specific safety regulations such as helmets, bats, and balls. If you are not sure about whether equipment meets appropriate safety regulations, consult your coach before making a purchase.


A softball glove should fit a player’s hand comfortably. While a glove that is too small will not fit a player’s hand, a glove that is too large is equally bad. Avoid buying a large glove “to grow into.” Large gloves are harder for small hands to manipulate and often cause the player frustration. Try to get a softball-specific glove usually denoted by “Fastpitch” stamped into the glove. Softball-specific gloves are designed for use with the larger softball versus the smaller baseball.  More resources for glove sizing are available on the internet.


NOTE ON BATS: For any new bat purchases, it is recommended that the bat have the new USSSA Mark. Follow this link to learn more.

For Rec Softball, an inexpensive aluminum bat will work fine. More resources for bat sizing are available on the internet.


The biggest differences among softballs are the size and hardness of the ball. Younger ages use safety balls, which have a moderately squishy feel. Easton Incredi-ball is a recommended brand and model of safety ball. Older age groups use hard balls. Balls increase in size as players grow older. Most balls are optic yellow in color. Avoid balls labeled “slowpitch” as they are designed for a different version of softball.  If purchasing a fast-pitch hard ball, look for a ball stamped with “.47COR” and “375 max compression” as these are the balls used in games.  More resources for softball types are available on the internet.

League          Ball Size    Ball Type

5-6 Clinic       10-inch      Safety ball, e.g. Incredi-ball

7-8                 11-inch      Safety ball, e.g. Incredi-ball

9-10               11-inch      Optic yellow fast-pitch ball

11-13             12-inch      Optic yellow fast-pitch ball

14-18             12-inch      Optic yellow fast-pitch ball

May a player request to play on a certain team or with a certain friend?

Friend and coach requests will be taken into consideration, but no guarantees are made.  Whenever possible, sisters will be placed on the same team.


All refunds are subject to a $10 administrative fee to cover our costs.  Refund requests received after uniforms have been ordered will have the uniform cost and administrative fee deducted.  No refunds after the first day of practice.


While every effort is made to adhere to the pre-scheduled days and times, circumstances may dictate that a change in day, time, or field is necessary.

Tentative 2022 Calendar

December 1, 2021 – Registration opens

February 18 – Registration closes

March – Pitching clinic

Mid-March – Coaches meeting & players/parents notified of team assignments

April 1 – Fields Open

April 15 – Games Begin

May 28 to June 14 – Tournaments (for 9-10 and above) and season conclusion

June 15 or 16 – North/South Championship Game

Note: Dates are subject to change