WeatherBackground Checks
Since Soccer is an outdoor sport, it is unavoidable that the weather will get in the way from time to time. A little rain will not harm anybody, and will rarely be the reason for cancellations.

The Soccer Program has the overall responsibility for both players and fields; however, on a day-to-day basis, the responsibility for the players is delegated to the individual coaches. Hence, whether or not your team will train when it rains, or when it is hot, is a decision made by your coach. You, as a parent, should take the necessary precautions for your players under the different weather conditions you are likely to face.

You should always apply common sense to any weather situation!

When it comes to the fields, the Soccer Program will weigh up the impracticability of canceling matches against the wear and tear of the fields. Again, a little bit of rain is not a problem, but heavy rain, or consecutive days of rain, means that we may be forced to close some, or all, of the fields. When we do that, you will be able to see it on any of the pages on our website, on the top of the page. On Saturdays, we will inspect the fields in the morning, and post to the website if some, or all, of the fields are closed. If possible, we will also send an email out to everybody about cancellations. The inspection will take place around 7AM, and the result will be published before 7:30AM, if technically possible (obviously, if the Phoenix area has been blacked out because of severe overnight thunderstorms, floods, or other natural disasters, we might not be able to access the website).

One thing that you must be aware of is the thunderstorm rules: At the FIRST crack of thunder, you MUST stop your match (or training exercise) and leave the fields! Play, or training, CANNOT be commenced until 30 minutes after the last thunder crack. No exceptions!

Baltimore County Government is invested in increasing the safety of participants and families while they are participating in Recreation and Parks activities and programs. This commitment is extending our efforts to include conducting background investigations for all volunteers who participate in Recreation/Nature Council, Therapeutic, PAL, and other County sponsored recreation programs.

The background investigation will be conducted by a nationally recognized security screening firm, the Southeastern Security Consultants, Inc (SSCI). This screening is a review of each applicant’s criminal history.

The results of the screening will determine each volunteer’s eligibility to volunteer in our programs. To protect the privacy of all volunteers in the program, Baltimore County staff will not have access to any information regarding this background screening. SSCI will only provide a list of passed applicants to Recreation and Parks staff.

This program is a preventive measure. It is not meant to take the place of parental involvement and participation. It is meant to work in partnership with parental efforts to ensure that their children and all constituents enjoy programs and activities in a safe environment.

The Access Code you are asked for when you fill in your application is BCGRec18.

Thank you for your cooperation. Access the screening here.

Also, please review Baltimore County Rec’s Facility Rules of Behavior as well as the Parent’s Code of Conduct.