CMRC Soccer LogoCMRC Soccer runs in-house play for kids from ages 4 to 16 for about 350 participants. The program is designed for kids of all ability levels to provide a fun and educational soccer experience.  Practice begins around the first week of September and the program wraps up around the first week of November. Please see the appropriate age group tab on this website for a description of each age group’s format.  

Players are required to purchase and wear shin guards in all age groups.  Soccer cleats are required for all age groups above the Hot Shots age group which is 4 and 5 year olds. Cleats are highly recommended for Hot Shots because of the early morning dew and moisture.  

Sign up early to avoid being put on a wait list and the $50 late fee which will be assessed after registration closes. This fee is to compensate for the additional cost of ordering extra uniforms and the additional time and effort to find additional coaches, form new teams or rosters, and possibly change the schedules.

Registration will open May 15th and close the last day of July. Teams will be formed over the summer, and practice will begin in September. Many age groups end up on wait lists, so please register early! Anybody who registers for In House Rec before the end of May will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win FREE registration for the season!

Wait List
Being placed on a wait list after registration closes is not a guarantee of a spot in the program. There must be a team(s) that needs more players. Forming teams that are too large negatively impacts the players and coaches. Therefore, another volunteer coach will be needed to form a new team comprised of players on the “Wait List”. If no additional volunteer coach emerges, no additional teams will formed from the Wait Listed players. Be sure to register early!!
Volunteer Coaches
Volunteer coaches are supported with a preseason coach’s clinic where an 8 week practice plan/outline for the season will be provided. Volunteer coaches are the life blood of CMRC In House soccer. Please see more under the “Volunteers” tab on this site.
Player/Coach Requests
During registration there is the opportunity to request coaches or playing with friends. While all of these requests are considered, they may not be honored. Our primary objective is to create a fair and competitive environment where all of the teams’ skill levels are relatively equal based on the evaluations of players done in the pre-season.
CMRC soccer utilizes mostly student referees that are all very experienced in playing soccer. Many have refereed for a few years already, and have a desire to give back and learn to be a professional referee. They are not professionals, and the majority, are not adults. But they should be treated as professionals and adults. The CMRC and Baltimore County Rec sports code of conduct will be strictly enforced. The code can be found under the Policies tab. If spectator conduct toward a referee is deemed unacceptable by the referee the spectator will be asked to go to their vehicle and cannot return to the fields for the remainder of the day. If the spectator refuses to do so, the game will be ended and forfeited.

Questions or Comments

Please contact the CMRC Soccer President listed on the Contacts tab of this website.

This message applies to IN HOUSE REC Soccer only. Please read the entire message thoroughly.

The volunteer CMRC Soccer board would like to announce the opening of In House Rec Soccer registration.

Registration will only be open until August 14th at midnight. Be sure to sign up before Registration closes. Due to COVID 19 the opening of registration was delayed and the registration window has been reduced dramatically leaving limited time for age group commissioners to form teams and assign volunteer coaches. Therefore NO WAITING LISTS will be formed this year for late registrants. This will allow for teams to be formed before fields open for practice Monday, August 31. Given the reduced time frame to form teams special team assignment requests may not be fulfilled, but attempts will be made to place children on teams with players from their school. We appreciate your understanding of the delayed registration opening and the need to slightly change the process to start the season on time.

Volunteer coaches are the life blood of CMRC In House soccer. Volunteer coaches are supported with a preseason coach’s clinic where an 8 week practice plan/curriculum for the season will be provided. Please volunteer to coach when you register. Without enough coaches, teams can be very large and the children get less playing time, and individual attention. You do not need to be proficient in soccer, you just need to do your best, know more than the participants, follow the supplied curriculum, and have fun with the kids.

The following Guidelines should be followed during the season due to the COVID 19 virus.

Health & Safety Guidelines:

Parents & Spectators
· Limit to parents
· Please do not bring siblings, if possible
· Physically distance 6-8 feet from others
· Wear a mask if you leave your car
· Practice hand washing/sanitizing hygiene
· Practice sneeze/cough hygiene
· If you have COVID 19 symptoms do not attend
· If you have been around anyone showing symptoms do not attend
Players & Coaches
· Bring your own water bottle
· Coaches instruct players to keep their hands to themselves at all times
· Coaches – Keep your hands to yourself at all times
· Coaches – Please wear a mask when unable to be physically distant from players
· No huddles, high fives, or handshakes
· Socially distance when possible, including individual skills and during water breaks
· Practice hand washing/sanitizing hygiene
· Practice sneeze/cough hygiene
· If you have COVID 19 symptoms do not attend
· If you have been around anyone showing symptoms do not attend
· If masks can be worn safely, athletes can wear them as a personal choice. (masks should not obstruct vision, breathing, or cause a distraction)

Physical distancing and wearing a mask will be minimum expectations for adults and spectators. If you are unwilling to follow these safety measures, please do not register your child or attend. Please make sure everyone in your family is aware of these minimum standards!

Please do your best when out in public to help us toward our goal of having a safe and healthy Fall Soccer season for the children. Please practice physical distancing and wear masks when you are unable to do so, to protect our community. This is an opportunity for our soccer club, community, and especially the children in our program. The children in our program are counting on adults to ensure everyone’s safety and not jeopardize, or even cause the cancellation of the fall season.

When registering please choose the appropriate Rec In-House league. Do not choose PFC Travel teams. Due to delays from COVID 19 some travel teams have not completed Tryouts and therefore their registration pages remain open in Stone Alley.


CMRC Soccer Board and DOC