In-House Program Rules

Important Facility Rules

Jacksonville Gym

For weekday games, the gym will open at 6:02 PM. This new time will allow the staff to clear the play center, and safely open the gate. The gym door will remain locked until that stated time. The first game will being at 6:15PM. It is imperative that only those participating in the game are allowed on the floor to warm-up. This will allow us to start the first game at that designated time.

All participants MUST enter through the gym door and NOT the front entrance.

During a game, ONLY those currently playing are allowed on the courts. This includes pre-game warm-ups, time-outs and half-time.

Basketballs (other than the ball being used for gameplay) should be placed and kept in the ball carriers during a game.

All spectators, siblings, etc. need to remain in the area of the gym, not in the hallways, etc.