Q: Can kids play up in age group? For example can a clinic age player play Tyker level?
A: Short answer no. We need kids of higher skill level to play with their peers and it will make those around them better is my simple answer and not meant to be a stubborn one. So happy to discuss as needed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Q: Are we going to field “Club Teams”?
A: We will. There will most likely be added costs for league fees for the HOCO league…..in addition to those for the MYLA league. More to come on this…
Q: How Do you Evaluate Players?
A: Through a very fundamental lens. Players that exhibit a more consistent pattern of applying the fundamentals – scooping, cradling, throwing, catching – would be considered at a higher skill level and would be placed as such. Application during the “pace of play” is also evaluated. Understanding space and positioning is helpful but not key at the younger age levels (Tyker). Lighting and up is when we will start to really focus on position skill sets in addition to game IQ, and overall fundamental skill set level.
Q: What days of the week will games and practice be?
A: Varies across age groups. But soft stick will be Saturday AMs. The other age groups play games on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Practice nights and frequency during the week will vary depending on the coaches discretion.
Q: Will Lacrosse and Baseball schedules allow for the boys to play both sports?
A: Yes, particularly at the younger levels. We have coordinated with CMRC Baseball that all age groups through machine/kid pitch will end at 11 AM on Saturday mornings. This will allow the Soft Stick and Clinic age groups to play both where they want to as we will start at 1130 or later most likely for those age groups.
Q: I’d like to coach, how do I get involved?
A: Please check the website for more information about coaching opportunities or contact Mikey Norton by email – mnorton14@hotmail.com.

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Volunteers:  As of July 1, 2015, Baltimore County is requiring that all Rec Council volunteers who interact with children, pass a Background Check.

Volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches, coordinators and anyone who has “Custody and/or Control of Children”) are required to register for this Background Check.  Anyone who fails to register will not be allowed to participate in CMRC activities where interaction with children takes place.  You must complete a separate online submission for each sport you are volunteering for.  To begin the process, please visit:


Use the access Code “BCGREC16” (without the quotes).