I have heard from a number of you…..may have already coached with you.  So, if you are on that list you will be hearing from me.  For those of you I have not heard from….and are interested, don’t hesitate to reach out.

This really will take a village.  I think we CAN compete with the best Rec. Programs AND Club Programs in the area.  We just must be willing to put in the time and effort…it’s not about money. 

So, the more the merrier…and I want to hear what you have to say.  Please see below on some more information and details on upcoming coaches meeting.

PS – Those that want to “help” with the program in some way but not as a coach, we have room for you too!  Please reach out too and see below….

Mikey Norton
CMRC Boys Lacrosse Commissioner

  • Coaches Meeting– We plan to hold a meeting in late Jan early Feb.  More details to come soon…. may aim for Superbowl week.
  • Coaching Philosophy/Curriculum – I would like to develop a lacrosse curriculum for us to leverage across the entire program. We have access to US Lacrosse and other resources we can use to help develop age appropriate drills across all age groups.

My goal will be to provide you with the necessary resources – videos / cheat sheets – to help aid in this process. All of which will be based around fun. And all with your INPUT!  This is not to over engineer things, but more so to enable us to get better and LEARN the game in a more methodical way.  Which is what everyone else is doing too.  I think we can do it better.

  • Additional Coaching Resources
    • I want to reach out to some local HS Lax coaches to see if we can secure some HS players to come join the staffs. 
    • This may be a reach based on their schedules…. but there have to be kids in the area – maybe CMRC alums – that can pitch in a couple days of week….and maybe show up to games too. 
    • The idea behind this is to have another set of hands and VOICE to teach the boys.  I will plan to tell them to stick to fundamentals……just what they hear all day themselves.
    • Biggest plus…. community service hours.
    • So, if you know if anyone…. or have son/daughter that wants to come on out…. let me know. 
    • No administrative stuff…. just show up and coach. 
  • Age Group Coordinators (AGC) –
    • I would like to ask for volunteers to help be age coordinators for each age group – Soft Stick/Clinic/Tyker/Lightning/Midget/Junior
    • We may combine some age groups….or may not need one if there is a single/no team.
    • I will admit this is a new role I will need help forming.  But below are some areas I have contemplated delegating to the age group coordinator:
      • Roster Oversight – You will be the owner of the master rosters for your age groups.  So once teams are made…..any changes or tweaks to said rosters will start with you and then up through Commissioner.  Non-skill-based decisions – kids moving between B teams for example is something you can own.  
      • Schedule Oversight – I would ask for your assistance with managing the “master” schedules for your age group.  I would assign you as the contact for CMRC for all Recs/Refs for scheduling purposes.  Pushing out changes to your coaches as needed would also be required. 
      • Parent Point of Contact – For questions related to your age group, I would ask parents to start with you.  Team specific questions would go to coaches obviously…. but something that needs escalation would start with the AGC.  I would clearly get involved where necessary.
      • Uniform Point of Contact (if applicable) – Depending on where we land with a vendor…I would ask the AGC act as point person for all coaches across age group.  Helping collect and aggregate orders….and collect money (sorry).