One of my main goals of the program is to really bring the community together.  The easiest way I can think of doing that is through fundraising events or anything of the like.

The below ideas are just that.  They can’t become reality unless we want them to.  So, if you have any interest in this type of thing and want to get involved reach out!

Some of the funds from these efforts would ideally go right back to the kids across the program.  I would love to use the funds to bring in “professional coaches” to help aid in our learning efforts.  And this may be one way to do that….and so much more.  So please see below and keep me posted!

  • Pre-Season Fundraiser – I have connected with a few folks from the girl’s program to put together a pre-season fundraiser.  If you have interest in getting involved in something like this, please let me know.
  • Game Day Fundraisers – I am contemplating having a few play days at Hydes…..we can look to hold a food truck day or some other fun fundraiser during these events.  The LGVFC snack bar can assist with this too…but not sure how we gain from that…so need more ideas here.  But this keeps people around Hydes (I know people are crazy busy) …. but with multi-sport kids maybe this works a weekend or two….
  • End of Year Picnic – I’d like to start an annual picnic with the girls program…..maybe play a boys versus girls game across different age groups (swap sticks is always fun)….stuff like that.  And come up with a way to do a fundraiser during this….maybe just an old school 50/50. 

Completely open to any and all ideas as well.  So keep me posted with any questions or thoughts and ideas.


Mikey Norton