6 Game Season
1 Tournament
March 29 thru May 17 Schedule
May 24/31 Make-ups with Easter Off!
If you have travel or club experience, contact Coach Ben Papoi via email, or call him at 443-425-9292.


Due to this year's weather patterns, the CMRC will reconvene for the 2020-21 Season with the hope that next year will bring much more snow and snow-making conditions to our region.

While we've had a number of folks give oral confirmation that they would attend a bus trip this year, it will simply be put on hold until next year. We will start opening registrations for next year as early as possible.


Attention ALL Carroll Manor Rec Volunteers!

Soon, Baltimore County will be implementing a new procedure with regards to background checks. For more information, please read this document.

Baltimore County currently has a procedure that is in place and can be reviewed here. This procedure is for ALL volunteers in ALL recreation councils. Please review the guidelines, as you will not be able to take any role within the program without going through this check!

You will only be contacted if you do not pass the background check. Volunteers who pass the check WILL NOT be contacted.

The Access Code you are asked for when you fill in your application is BCGRec19

Thank you for your cooperation.

For the current procedure, please REGISTER HERE

*NOTE:  This is for Jacksonville Elementary ONLY.  This is NOT for Carroll Manor Elementary’s Early Bird Time: 8:00AM – 9:05AMWho: Grad...

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Hydes Field Concession Stand

Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse season is upon us, and thanks to the Long Green Fire Department, the following is the concession stand menu for when you and your family head over to Hydes Field:

The stand is manned by volunteer help and all proceeds benefit the Long Green Volunteer Fire Company. We intend to open the stand every Saturday at 8:30 – 2:00pm. We also intend to keep the stand open Monday through Thursday starting at “about” 5:30.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to raise much needed funding for our volunteer fire company.

  • Bacon or Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwiches (Sat Mornings Only)
  • Taco in a Bag (Sat. Only)
  • Hamburgers/Cheesburgers (Sat. Only)
  • Hot Dogs (Available with Cheese)
  • Nachos & Cheese
  • Gatorade, Sodas, Water & Coffee
  • Assorted Candy, Gum & Chips
  • Over 14 Flavors of Snowballs (and it’s true…Marshmallow IS available)

Any questions? Contact Us:

The concession stand is run by volunteers from the Long Green Volunteer Fire Company. To contact us regarding the Concession Stand call me at 410-688-2209 or email me.

Thank you, Katie Eyre
Concession Stand Chair
Long Green Volunteer Fire Company