CMRC Dance Open Board Positions

We are looking for volunteers to join us to put together an amazing dance program and recital! The descriptions for each position are below. No previous experience is required!!! The vision is for all board and subcommittee members to work together as a team and support one another throughout the dance year. There will be monthly board meetings with all members to touch base on actions and activities. Please read through the descriptions below and complete the interest form!

Treasurer – CMRC Dance Board

The treasurer will be accountable for managing the dance finances including working with the subcommittees to manage their budget and delivering an updated financial record at the monthly board meeting. The dance treasurer will work with the CMRC treasurer for issuing payments to vendors and reimbursements for purchases.

Secretary – CMRC Dance Board

The secretary will be responsible for taking the minutes of each board meeting and distributing the minutes with clear action items and identifying responsible persons for each item.

Registrar – CMRC Dance Board

The registrar will be responsible for proper registration of dancers according to the dance program schedule and allotted participants for each class.

Costumes – CMRC Dance Subcommittee

The costume committee will consist of a committee chair and two additional volunteers. This group will work closely with the Director to select costumes that meet the requirements for budget, availability, and ship date. The committee will also help with measuring dancers, communicate with costume vendors for building orders, and any returns/exchanges that may occur.

Recital Coordinator – CMRC Dance Subcommittee

The recital coordinator is responsible for managing the activities related to the recital including but not limited to, decorations, lighting, music, and delivery of items to the recital venue. This person will work closely with the Director to portray the recital theme and creative vision.

Communications – CMRC Dance Subcommittee

This subcommittee will consist of a communications chair and one additional volunteer. This subcommittee will organize and communicate all announcements for public media and advertising for registration. Maintain and provide website updates to the web developer to deliver up to date information to the dance participants. This person will work closely with the Director to ensure proper communication is delivered to the dance participants and their families.